Compare OnTESOL with TEFL Online Offered by The University of Toronto and Teach Away

TESOL Online TorontoThe University of Toronto developed the TEFL Online curriculum, but the program is actually run by admin staff at Teach Away. In this page, we will show you how OnTESOL offers better training in the areas of tutor support, mode of assessment, Practicum, and job opportunities. Get better TEFL training and qualify for the best jobs with an accredited course by OnTESOL!

1- Tutor Support:

Compare OnTESOL with TEFL Online by Univesity of Toronto and Teach Away: Tutor Support

TEFL Online by University of Toronto and Teach Away

The University of Toronto will not assign you a tutor. The TEFL Online courses are administered by the recruitment agency Teach Away. Trainees simply send assignments and receive the TEFL certificate without getting any professional feedback on their performance.


All our courses come with professional tutor support. Your OnTESOL tutor is available to answer your questions and provide feedback on every assignment. All our tutors have been approved by TESL Canada. Those who take the Practicum module also receive extensive support and feedback on their lessons.

2- Mode of Assessment

The most important reason for taking a TEFL or TESOL course is to learn how to plan lessons using the Communicative Language Teaching Method. When you know how to create a lesson plan, your activities are more engaging and they have a linguistic purpose. Your lesson planning skills will also help you replace the textbook with authentic material or even save your day when the school does not have a textbook, as it is the case in many developing countries.

TEFL Online by University of Toronto and Teach Away

TEFL Online by the University of Toronto does not assess trainees via lesson plan assignments. All their courses assess trainees via reflective journals and tests only.


OnTESOL will assess you via a combination of essays, tests, creative activities, and full lesson plans. Our advanced 120-hour course follows the standard set by the CELTA course and it will teach you how to write full lesson plans using the Communicative Approach and the PPP format.  Our top course is the 250-hour TESOL Diploma, which covers various approaches and formats to provide trainees with an excellent foundation for a successful career in TESOL.

3- Practicum

The best jobs require a minimum of 20 hours. During a Practicum, the trainee gets to observe and teach classes with real ESL students to improve planning and teaching skills.

Compare OnTESOL with TEFL Online by Univesity of Toronto and Teach Away: Practicum

TEFL Online by University of Toronto and Teach Away

No Practicum option.


Those who complete the Advanced 120-hour TESOL Certificate program can complete a 20-hour Practicum.

Those who complete the 250-hour TESOL Diploma program can complete a 20-hour Practicum or a 50-hour Practicum (After September 2017, TESL Canada requires a 50-hour Practicum for their Professional Standard 2 accreditation).

4- Job Opportunities

TEFL Online by University of Toronto and Teach Away: TEFL jobs and opportunitites

TEFL Online by University of Toronto and Teach Away

The TEFL Online courses by UofT are valid for entry-level jobs in Asia and Latin America. Some schools in Europe may accept this TEFL certificate.

TEFL Online is not accepted in Canada or for professional jobs that require CELTA certification or equivalent (Ei: TESL Canada or Trinity CertTESOL).


OnTESOL offers advanced TEFL / TESOL courses for professional jobs worldwide. The advanced courses offered by OnTESOL are recognized by TESL Canada, which accreditation is required in Canada and widely accepted all over the world.