In-Class TESOL Seminars and Professional Development Workshops

The TESOL Seminars and professional development workshops offered by OnTESOL are perfect for experienced teachers who need to upgrade their credentials and new teachers who would like to get in-class teacher training. We offer a 20-hour TESOL Seminars and a few 4-hour professional development workshops. We also offer customized courses for language schools that need assistance with staff development.

20-hour TESOL Seminars

Upgrade Your TESOL Certificate with an In-Class Weekend Course!

The 20-hour TESOL Seminar will provide you with practical training on lesson planning for different levels, teaching mixed-ability levels effectively, and supplementing a textbook with authentic material (i.e: TV shows, magazine articles, newspaper articles, music).

Module 1 – ESL Levels:

  • Get a greater understanding of the grammar topics, new vocabulary, and language skills that students learn and acquire at different levels.
  • Learn to identify and develop lesson aims that are measurable and appropriate to different levels of proficiency.
  • Write creative and motivating lesson plans for different language skills and levels.

Module 2 – Teaching Mixed Ability Classes:

If your goal is to teach English abroad, one of the most common scenarios you will experience is a class with students of mixed abilities. Learn how to cope with this complicated situation and motivate students of different levels to learn and work together in the same lesson.

Module 3 – Using a Textbook vs. Creating Your Own Materials:

Teaching English in context with the use of authentic material is both challenging and rewarding. This module covers:

  • The pros and cons of using a textbook versus creating your own materials.
  • How to use a textbook creatively and adapt the textbook to different needs and levels, if necessary.

Duration: 20 hours.

4-hour Professional Development Workshops

Teaching Pronunciation Communicatively

Learn new ways of incorporating pronunciation in the classroom. This professional development course aims to:

  • help participants extend their own knowledge of phonology and how to practically use it in the classroom.
  • identify errors in pronunciation and find ways to help ESL learners.
  • introduce a wide range of pronunciation strategies to apply to all levels of proficiency (Top-down/bottom-up Processing; text sifting; dictogloss and notetaking, etc.)

Participants will look at technical features of sound production as well as some aspects of connected speech and learn how to create a communicative learner-centered experience.

Note: participants should have a basic knowledge of phonology and phonetics (IPA chart, sounds and consonants sounds, basic concepts of supra-segmental features (intonation patterns, sentence stress rules, etc.)

Duration: 4 hours

The Lexical Approach

Build your knowledge of the Lexical Approach and learn how to integrate it to all levels of proficiency and skills. This professional development course aims to:

  • Understand the foundation of the Lexical Approach and how to integrate it with different skills and types of lessons.
  • Assess different ways of introducing lexis
  • Identify lexical chunks in a text and find ways to explore it using different teaching strategies: noticing, scaffolding, concept checking, rephrasing, etc.

Duration:  4 hours