Save $100 on Your TEFL Online Course!

OnTESOL makes it easy for you to get the best TEFL online certification course and a paid teaching job abroad. OnTESOL graduates who are placed via the in-house recruitment service get a $100 rebate on their online TEFL course.*

TEFL Online with Job Placement for Under $200!

  • The TEFL Course:

    Save on your TEFL online course!The 120-hour TEFL Certificate course includes core TEFL training and the teaching English to Young Learners specialist. This course is perfect for new teachers going abroad because 80% of new teachers are placed in public school programs. The first part of the TEFL course will teach you everything that you need to plan your lessons and the second part will give you the skills that you need to stand in front of a class of rowdy young kids! The online TEFL course will prepare you to plan fun lessons that your students will love. TEFL Online by OnTESOL will teach you how to use games, songs, storytelling, and fun activities to teach English effectively to young students. The tuition fee is only $299 and you will get $100 back when you are placed in one of our paid teach abroad programs.

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  • TEFL Job Placement

    TEFL online with job placementThere are more than 1000 jobs available in South Korea, China, and Thailand through the free TEFL job placement program offered by OnTESOL. Apply to teach English abroad through OnTESOL while taking your TEFL certification course and get $100 back on the TEFL Online program after you sign your contract.

* The offer is valid for native-English speakers who have a university degree and are between the ages of 23 and 45. OnTESOL offers free TEFL job placement services to people who completed a TEFL certification course at another institute, but the $100 rebate is only available to OnTESOL graduates. OnTESOL offers job placement to 100-hour TEFL graduates, but the rebate is only valid for the 120-hour or 250-hour courses.