TESOL Jobs – Teach English in Thailand

Applying for English teaching jobs in Thailand Apply for TESOL jobs online, via a recruiter, or in person. All these options are free. Below we will show you their advantages and disadvantages. Don’t pay for job placement assistance or take an internship in Thailand! These are the most well-known scams in the TESOL industry. Find well paid TESOL jobs with just a university degree and an internationally recognized TESOL certificate. Teaching experience is not required.

Apply Online – Teach English in Thailand

Private schools in Thailand accept job applications all year round. You can apply online from the comfort of your home. The Director of Studies will interview you via Skype or telephone, and the school will help you process the visa.

Some schools offer subsidized airfare or a bonus to reimburse you for your travel expenses. When you get to Thailand, the school will likely pick you up at the airport and take you to your apartment. Most job offers come with full or partially subsidized accommodation.

Applying for jobs online is the most common route for new teachers. It is quick, safe and free. You can find job ads and a list of schools on the OnTESOL job board or you can visit Ajarn, where many Thai schools post job ads.

Use a Recruiter – Teach English in Thailand

Using a recruitment agency is very common. It is free for applicants because schools pay recruiters to find qualified teachers. For this reason, private language schools give preference to teachers who apply online.

Using a recruiter is highly recommended for those who wish to teach in a Thai public school.

Apply in person – Teach English in Thailand

Just choose a city and go! Flying to Thailand and applying for jobs in person is the most unorthodox option, but it has its benefits. Applying for jobs in person allows teachers to see the facilities and talk to the teachers.

Furthermore, the best schools only hire teachers whom they can interview in person. This is true for Thailand as it is for the rest of the world; the reason is that a face-to-face interview allows the Director of Studies to find more about the teacher as well as test his or her lesson planning skills on the spot. Some schools in Thailand do not require TESOL certification, but the best ones do — and they will test your teaching skills during the job application and interview.