An Accredited TESOL / TEFL / TESL Course Will Take You Farther Than Oxford Seminars!

Oxford Seminars TESOL / TEFL / TESL certification courseBefore spending $1,000 with Oxford Seminars, consider taking an accredited TESOL certification course that is accepted worldwide. There is more to a career in TESOL than just teaching English. With the right training and credentials, you can pursue a lucrative career in school management, publishing, and research anywhere in the world. TESL Canada accreditation is perfect for people who want to start their teaching career abroad and have a certificate that is also accepted in immersion programs in Canada and the United States. Get better training and qualify for more jobs around the world with an accredited course!

Why an Accredited TESOL Certification Course is Better Than Oxford Seminars!

  • 1- Get Better Training for Your Money with an Accredited Course!

    Oxford Seminars offers a 100-hour TESOL certification course that costs about $1,000. The level of training is very basic, as their course does not provide the advanced lesson planning skills required to succeed as an ESL teacher. Every topic is covered quickly and in a very superficial manner during a period of 6 days, so Oxford Seminars trainees do not get the opportunity to practice their planning and teaching skills.

    For $650, you can take an advanced online 120-hour course that covers TESOL / TEFL / TESL methodology in a comprehensive manner and is academically equivalent to the CELTA course. Learn to create professional lesson plans for any grammar and vocabulary topic using the Communicative Approach. The 120-hour course offered by OnTESOL follows the internationally recognized Presentation- Practice-Production lesson planning format to teach you how to adapt and replace the textbook with songs, news articles, TV shows, and other media that is meaningful to your students. You will also learn how to integrate a grammar and vocabulary topic into a speaking, listening, reading, or writing lesson so your students know how to use the language point when communicating in English! Last but not least, OnTESOL graduates can complete a separate Practicum module, where they get to observe and teach 20 hours with real ESL students.

  • 2- Get The Best Jobs Abroad!

    For those who just want bask in the sun for a year or two abroad, the Oxford Seminars course might be enough to get you an entry-level job in Asia or Latin America. The problem with not being prepared for a lucrative TESOL career is that you will never know what a profession in Education is like if you do not have the skills to grow and succeed. You will inevitably return home looking for a different path without having experienced what it’s like to be an independent and reflective teacher who can create full lesson plans using the Communicative Language Teaching method. How do you know you don’t want to open your own language school or publish books if you do not know how to create an innovative curriculum that replaces the textbook with technology and authentic material?

  • 3-Pursue a Successful Career at Home!

    Those who want to teach in Canada when they return home have to upgrade their credentials and take an accredited TESOL certification course from the beginning because there isn’t any school that gives partial credits for the Oxford Seminars course since it does not meet the standards.

  • 4- Accreditation Prevents Misleading Advertising

    Oxford Seminars offers a money-back guarantee if you do not get a TESOL job within 6 months of activating their graduate placement service. This is very misleading because they ask you to submit 20 rejection letters to get your money back, which is ridiculous since it is uncommon for schools to send rejection letters when they don’t hire the applicant. You also need to apply to four different countries! This makes their advertising much more misleading because their certificate is only accepted for entry-level jobs in countries with low requirements, which means that you are only guaranteed poorly paid jobs in some places and you may not get your dream job in the country where you want to teach.

    TESL Canada prevents accredited members from engaging in misleading advertising. Course providers that offer job assistance packages have to be very clear about what they offer and where.