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TESOL Thailand: What Makes Thailand a Top Destination?

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Most people who came to teach English in Thailand came here for the same reason is to find their small piece of paradise, to stumble on a remote sandy beach with that sunny non-contrast of powder white sand and crystal turquoise water, to follow a jungle path up to a treehouse at the edge of a jungle lake where there are elephants swimming, or to doze off in a hammock in the shade with a beverage and some friends on your own private island.

People find these things in Thailand.

Teaching English Abroad – TESOL Thailand

There are plenty of opportunities for certified teachers out there; the trouble isn’t lack of options. The trouble is that most of us will almost undoubtedly be faced with the task of choosing to live in a place we have never seen.

How can you be sure if you’ll be able to be happy in a place you couldn’t hope to understand? You can do research on TESOL jobs in Thailand, you can find out that Thailand is the 21st most populous country and the 50th largest in terms of total area.

You can read about customs and culture shock, and you can identify the nation’s official religion (Theravada Buddhism), but still, there is anxiety.

The anxiety is a facet of the whole teaching abroad enterprise, and certainly not restricted to the Thai experience. There is always an element of the unknown and in part, it’s why we do it.

So now we are getting to it: why do we do it? There are so many reasons why people choose to teach English abroad that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. When I look back, the main reasons were centered around natural beauty and adventure. Here is how Thailand emerges as an easy choice, almost a no-brainer because if you are in it for the numbers, don’t go to Thailand. You can make money in Thailand, but not a lot. If you are down for paradise and adventure, then it is perfect for you.

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