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TEFL Industry Moving Online

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Whether you are looking for core TEFL certification or advanced TESOL certification most courses are now offered online. TESL Canada and CELTA are two of the top accrediting bodies that now recognized online courses. In this article, you can learn how to pick the right online TEFL or TESOL course.

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Core TEFL Online

The most popular choice for teaching English abroad is a 120-hour TEFL certificate course. A core TESOL or TEFL program should include training in grammar, phonology, and methodology.

Grammar and phonology are essential in a teacher training program because native speakers can use the language but do not have any knowledge about the rules. The methodology is the most important section of a TESOL / TEFL course because here is where the trainee gets to practice developing professional lesson plans before facing a real classroom. Training in grammar, phonology, and methodology can be fully provided in an online TEFL course.

Average tuition fee: $300

Advanced TESOL Online

Major ESL schools from the top ESL destinations require advanced TESOL certification. Courses that are recognized by at least one of the three major international organizations (TESL Canada, Trinity College of London, and CELTA) fit this category.

The Practicum is an important feature because supervised teaching experience helps trainees get feedback on how their lesson planning skills are transferred in the classroom, but the real difference is in their comprehensive curriculum, where grammar, phonology, and methodology are covered more in-depth and the assignments are more difficult.

Average tuition fee: $1,400

Comparing Course Syllabi & Fees

Some private institutes use the name of well-recognized universities without being affiliated in any way, while real universities use their name to overcharge for their core TEFL course.

Even when comparing advanced courses, CELTA charges a hefty fee for its online program.

Compare course syllabi and accreditations to find the right TESOL course for you, then find the best price in its category!

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