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TESOL Lesson Planning

TESOL Lesson Planning

TESOL lesson planning definitely takes a long time to prepare at first. There is no question about it. However, the more you practice and understand the basics of the lesson plan, the less it will take.

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The type of lesson plan will depend on the approach you use, but in any approach or method, there are steps to follow. At first, it is not easy to see the whole picture and how each step paves the way for the next, in order to make the lesson flow smoothly.

Once you have internalized the steps and the purpose of each, you will find that the ideas come much more quickly for the lesson planning.

Do not forget that writing detailed lesson plans will help you be very well prepared for teaching any sort of lesson. It is important to know that many ESL schools ask for detailed lesson plans and some ask for them in advance so they can be approved or rejected.

Another reason that learning how to write professional lesson plans is very important is that many employers ask applicants to write a lesson plan on any given topic and on the spot. So, practice writing lesson plans to impress your future employer.

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