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Save Money When Teaching English Abroad

Save Money When Teaching English Abroad

ESL teachers find that most of their money slips off their fingers because they are overspending on restaurants.

There are plenty of cheap local ingredients that you can turn into a delicious meal. You just have to learn how to cook them!

Find thousands of free recipes online and watch free videos on YouTube. Learning how to cook local foods will save you lots of money when teaching English abroad and will also help you to overcome culture shock much quicker. Instead of becoming homesick, you’ll learn to explore and you’ll be able to cook a nice meal for your family and friends when you come home. This will help you save money.

While you are at it, integrate food into your lesson plans and practice what you’ve learned from your TESOL course. You will find many valuable resources that you can use in your class, so use authentic materials to create fun activities!

How about asking your students to role-play a food channel? Food is a universal language and showing your students that you are interested in learning from their culture will help you create a better relationship with them.


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