EPIK July Deadline, Complete TESOL Course by Monday!

Hi trainees!

If you need to show your TESOL certificate before the July 20th deadline and you haven’t completed the course, you need to submit your final assignments as soon as possible. While most EPIK administrators accept an e-copy of the certificate, some have asked for the original TESOL certificate to be sent to their office in Korea before July 20th.

Our Director of Studies will coordinate with your tutor to issue your certificate as soon as you complete the TESOL course, but  you need to pass everything by Monday July 16th for mail to arrive in case that you are required to submit the original print copy.   If you think that you need a few extra days to complete the course, find out if the e-copy is accepted while you wait for the original to arrive. Extra charges  apply  for mailing the certificate via Fed Ex.