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Teaching Large ESL Classes: Problems and Advantages

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Teaching large ESL classes is a great unexpected challenge for most new teachers, who feel quite confident about organizing activities for a class of about 15 students, only to find themselves confronted with a class of 30, 40, 50 or even more students.

Key Problems  – Teaching Large ESL Classes

Researchers from the Beijing Normal University in China identified five areas of key concern for teachers working with large ESL classes:

  • Discipline issues (especially with younger students)
  • Meeting individual student needs and interests
  • Efficient organization of activities
  • Providing equal opportunities for students to practice and participate in class
  • Dealing with marking and feedback

Teachers’ concerns fall into three main areas: affective (getting to know students and meet their needs), pedagogical (how to organize effective learning activities), and managerial (how to provide effective evaluation and discipline).

Advantages of Teaching Large ESL Classes

Although it might not seem like it at first, large classes can have some advantages:

  • While it can get noisy, the energy in a large class can be motivating for students, and you will rarely feel that time is moving slowly
  • Large classes offer the opportunity to implement creative, student-centered cooperative project work
  • More students mean more opinions and more opportunities for students to engage with different ideas

The following video offers some advice:

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