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Where Are The Best TEFL Jobs?

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Where Are The Best TEFL Jobs

Where Are The Best TEFL Jobs? If you are new to the world of TEFL, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, parts of China, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Chile offer the best opportunities for entry-level teachers.

The requirement is a university degree and a TESOL certificate of at least 100 hours. Europe is off-limits to those who do not have an EU passport. But the best entry-level TEFL Jobs position are found in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Germany.

Each country offers a completely different experience. South Korea is the top destination for those who wish to save some money.

EPIK is the largest employer as it is a government-funded program that hires native-speakers for teaching at public schools.

In Addition, pay starts at $1,800/month plus accommodation, bonuses, and other benefits. An internationally recognized 100-hour TESOL certificate automatically qualifies applicants for a higher pay level, starting at $2,100/month.


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