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How Does OnTESOL Compare To CELTA?

OnTESOL vs CELTA certification

CELTA is a 120-hour course with Practicum. It is very similar to Trinity CertTESOL, TESL Canada Professional Standard 1, and other 4-week courses.  CELTA and other 120-hour TESOL certification courses with Practicum are advanced TESOL certification courses for entry-level teachers.

OnTESOL Courses vs CELTA

250-hour TESOL Diploma: The advanced TESOL certification program offered by OnTESOL is more comprehensive than  CELTA, Trinity CertTESOL, TESL Canada Professional Standard 1, or any 4-week course.

It is an extended version of Coventry House International’s 5-week Trinity CertTESOL and TESL Canada Standard 1 course,  which is offered in Toronto. The 250-hour TESOL Diploma is recognized by TESL Canada at their professional Standard 2 on completion of a separate 20-hour Practicum. Trainees can take up to 8 months to complete the online course and there isn’t any deadline for completing the Practicum.

Take your time and learn more with the advanced 250-hour TESOL Diploma! This online program is perfect for experienced teachers who are looking to teach English in Canada or get a better position abroad.

Teaching experience is not required! This program is perfect for new teachers who want to take the best course from the very beginning.

120-hour TESOL Certificate: This online course is perfect for those who wish to start their teaching career.  The 120-hour TESOL course exceeds the standards for entry-level jobs in Asia, Latin America, and parts of Europe.

This program provides standard training in Grammar, Phonology, and Methodology. At the end of the course, you will be able to create professional lesson plans.

This online course is less intensive than CELTA. But it is perfect for gap-year teachers who wish to teach English abroad without spending a fortune on a 4-week TESOL certification course. Graduates who wish to gain supervised teaching experience, as in a CELTA course, can take a separate 20-hour Practicum anywhere in the world.

OnTESOL the right TESOL certification course for you. Don’t spend $2,400 on a 4-week CELTA course!

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