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TESOL Online Certification with In-Class Teaching Experience

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At Ontesol, you can take a professional TESOL certification course online and combine it with in-class teaching experience.

Online TESOL Certification Courses by OnTESOL

The 250-hour TESOL Diploma is an advanced teacher training qualification that offers a more comprehensive TESOL curriculum than a standard 4-week course. This course is perfect for teachers interested in a professional career in Canada or abroad.

Complete a 20-hour Practicum after the online course to be eligible for TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 accreditation!

The 120-hour TESOL Certificate offers core teacher training and allows trainees to upgrade their 120-hour course with their choice of TEYL, Teaching English Online, Business English, and Teaching IELTS specialization. These core TESOL courses are perfect for teachers interested in teaching English abroad during their gap-year.

Graduates who wish to gain supervised teaching experience can complete a 20-hour Practicum anywhere in the world.

Why Take a Practicum After the Online TESOL Certification Course?

The Practicum is highly recommended because trainees get to observe a real classroom and write reflective reports on the teacher’s performance. The most important part of the Teaching Practice part is that trainees get to practice their lesson planning skills and see how a lesson plan translates into a real classroom.

Do All Online TESOL Course Providers Offer a Practicum?

No. The reason OnTESOL trainees can take a 20-hour Practicum after their online course is because we teach them how to create professional lesson plans and our graduates are ready to stand in front of a classroom.

Very few online TESOL institutes prepare their trainees to become independent teachers and a Practicum module is very difficult to manage if the trainee cannot write full lesson plans.

Some institutes may ask trainees to “shadow” a teacher and participate in an ESL classroom during the Practicum, but those Practicum modules do not meet the standards of advanced TESOL certification courses such as Trinity CertTESOL and TESL Canada.

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