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Can Non-Canadians Qualify For TESL Canada Certification?

Yes! Now, anyone who meets the following requirements qualifies for TESL Canada certification: -Native speaker or valid proficiency score. -University degree from Canada or equivalent. -TESOL certificate from a recognized TESL Canada centre. Ontesol’s online 250-hour TESOL Diploma is recognized as TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 certification once a supervised 50-hour Practicum is completed.  Take […]

Is The TEYL Course Enough To Get A Job?

TEYL is a specialization course that covers how to Teach English to Young Learners (TEYL) and is not enough to qualify for teaching positions worldwide. Schools look at the TESOL certificate first and foremost and if the position is for teaching English to children, as many positions are, then a TEYL certificate comes in very […]

What is Ontesol’s Job Board?

Ontesol offers the most complete job placement service. It’s honest, reliable, and free of charge! Ontesol’s free job placement service starts with TEFL Jobs by OnTESOL, where people can learn about the requirements and benefits from schools in top ESL destinations. Every month, there are 10,000 TESOL jobs available worldwide! Access your student account and […]

Using Songs to Teach English to Young Learners

Songs are a great way to use Authentic Material in the ESL classroom! Teaching English with songs is exciting for young learners because songs are often engaging and fun. Below you will find 3 reasons to teach English with songs. This blog includes a video sample of a teacher from China who uses songs in […]

ESL Lesson For Public School NETs in Hong Kong: Teaching Writing Skills to Advanced Students

Textbook Used: Longman Academic Writing Series Authentic Material to Supplement Textbook: 15-minute Video Humans Need Not Apply Mixed-level classes are the norm in East Asian high schools, and this is especially true in Hong Kong. Due to the prevalence of English content on the Internet, by FC6 Level (grade 12) some students attain native level […]

7 Communicative Activities for EPIK Classes in South Korea

Curriculum classes in the EPIK program will likely have 20-30 students, a mixed ranged of English proficiency, and limited space for desk rearrangement/movement.  NETs are encouraged to supplement and/or replace textbook activities with their own, while bearing the following in mind: The practice stage has students working as a class or in large groups, and […]