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Internationally Recognized Since 2003:

The online TESOL / TEFL certification courses offered by OnTESOL will teach you to use the various Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) techniques and lesson planning frameworks you need to become a confident, effective, and independent ESL teacher.

Our courses include unique lab assignments, tutor feedback and support, live interactive workshops, job assistance and more! Study TESOL / TEFL online at your own pace or add the 10-hour live Lesson Planning Workshop for a semi-asynchronous experience.

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Recognized by TESL Canada Since 2003


Our online TESOL / TESL / TEFL courses are recognized by TESL Canada, TESL Ontario, and ACTDEC. This means that you can use your OnTESOL certificate to teach English in Canada, receive the work visa required to teach English abroad, or apply for online teaching jobs.

120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate

Online Course Accredited by TESL Canada at their
Professional Level 1, TESL Ontario CTESOL level, and ACTDEC Level 3

Accredited TESOL/TEFL Courses

Get certified to teach English worldwide! The 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate course offers the same level of training as a CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL course.

250-hour TESOL Diploma

Online Course Accredited by TESL Canada at their Professional Level 2 and ACTDEC at Level 5

Accredited TESOL/TEFL Courses

Go further in your career! The 250-hour TESOL Diploma is recommended for experienced ESL teachers looking to dive deep in TESOL / TEFL / TESL methodology.

What is TESL Canada?

Find out how you can use your TESL Canada certification to teach English in Canada, in other Native English speaking countries, or go abroad with an internationally recognized credential.

TESOL Certification Guide

New to the World Of English Language Teaching?
Read our TESOL Certification Guide: Everything you need to know about types of courses, accreditations, and how to start your career in TESOL.

How Do I Choose a Quality TEFL / TESL / TESOL Certification Course?

A TESOL / TEFL / TESL course should teach you the most common methodologies and lesson planning formats to develop your capacity to adapt to different teaching materials and groups of learners. 

Knowing how to supplement the textbook with communicative activities and authentic material (Ei: songs, movies, news stories, podcasts, and other media) is a necessary skill for ESL teachers worldwide. Whether you are planning to teach English abroad, teach English immersion at home, or teach English online, the ESL textbook is often outdated and boring. In some schools, there isn’t even a textbook teachers can follow! For this reason, a quality TESOL / TEFL / TESL certification course should have a strong focus on the lesson planning frameworks that ESL teachers need to follow the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method.

What’s the Difference Between OnTESOL and Other Online TEFL Certification Courses?

There are hundreds of online TEFL certification courses that offer a quick introduction to the theory and methodology of TESOL / TEFL. University TEFL brands licensed by recruitment agencies, weekend TEFL courses, and online TEFL courses without accreditation provide successful graduates with basic knowledge about TESOL / TEFL methods, but they don’t teach any practical skills on how to apply these methods because they only evaluate teacher-trainees via multiple choice tests and essays.

Our mission at OnTESOL is to provide trainees the skills they need to become reflective, adaptive, and independent ESL teachers. Our advanced online TESOL courses include unique advanced lab assignments and interactive live workshops. After completing your TESOL certification course with OnTESOL, you will be able to create fun and effective lesson plans that supplement or replace the ESL textbook with authentic materials, integrated skills activities, role-playing, simulations, drama, storytelling, debating techniques, presentations, and many more CLT techniques.

Our advanced TESOL courses also include a comprehensive grammar and phonology module that will test your knowledge and serve you as a reference throughout your ESL teaching career.


In 2003, Coventry House International adapted their in-class Trinity CertTESOL / TESL Canada-approved syllabus and launched OnTESOL to offer quality training in an online format. OnTESOL was the first online TEFL / TESL / TESL institute to become recognized by TESL Canada. Over the years, our online TESOL courses became recognized by other renowned accrediting bodies such as TESL Ontario and ACTDEC UK. We recently expanded our services to offer graduates free job assistance in 20+ destinations and unlimited access to our job board.


Reviews by OnTESOL Graduates

I had a very accommodating tutor named Danielle. Though we didn’t get to see other, I felt very comfortable with her. I value and really appreciate her efforts and time on checking my assignments, especially when I was having trouble in making a lesson plan. I learned so much with my tutor. The ideas that she shared were so helpful in my success. Thank you for the great experience OnTESOL!

Teresa Legria – Teaching English in South Korea

Even after completing a Bachelor of Education, Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology with a thesis on English Language Learner Achievement, two years teaching in South Korean international schools and five years teaching in Canadian public secondary schools, I found OnTESOL’s program incredibly useful, relevant, theoretically sound and pedagogically inspiring. Not only is this program fundamental for those who wish to teach abroad, it is also practical and helpful for K-12 teachers working with international students who need greater insight into linguistic development, language learner needs and effective ESL teaching strategies.

Geordy Reid – Teaching English in Canada

The TESOL course was really helpful and beneficial. I already had 3 years of experience as an ESL teacher, but I still learned a lot and I am now a much more effective teacher. I finished the 120-hour TESOL certificate course feeling more confident and better equipped. Furthermore, the tutors in both TESOL and TEYL courses were great. They encouraged me to ask questions and they also provided lots of comments and feedback on my lesson plan assignments. They were really committed in my improvement. Choosing OnTESOL was a great decision! 

Michelle Chavez – Teaching English in Thailand


Teaching Abroad Vs. Teaching Immersion Programs at Home

Teaching abroad is a great way to travel the world while doing a job that makes a difference in the lives of many people.

Most people teach English abroad for a year or two, but there are plenty of highly paid job opportunities in native-English countries, so there are thousands of teachers who continue their TESOL career at home or keep traveling around the world.

The advanced TESOL courses offered by OnTESOL provide great flexibility to native-English speakers from Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa who want a credential that is accepted for English teaching jobs abroad and ESL immersion teaching jobs at home.




Teaching experience is not required to teach English abroad. Teaching experience may be required in native-English speaking countries or highly paid TEFL destinations such as the Middle East and Hong Kong.


You don’t need to speak the local language to teach English abroad, but you should take advantage of your TESL experience to learn a new language for your own personal development. The English-only policy prevails in most programs and schools want certified teachers who know how to use the Communicative Approach and Task-based Learning in the ESL classroom. Our TESOL courses will prepare you for teaching English worldwide.


Our online TEFL / TESOL certification courses are recognized by TESL Canada, TESL Ontario, and ACTDEC UK. These accrediting organizations have approved our course material, teacher trainers, and advertising claims.


Our job assistance service includes a list of 1000+ schools in the top destinations, support with resume and job interview preparation, OnTESOL graduate blogs, and unlimited access to our job board.


CELTA is a 120-hour TESL / TEFL / TESOL certification course that includes a Practicum module. OnTESOL offers advanced online TESOL courses with an optional Practicum module that is offered separately. Our 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate is academically equivalent to CELTA. Our 250-hour TESOL Diploma is more comprehensive than the CELTA certification course. Graduates who wish to gain supervised teaching experience can take the Practicum module anywhere in the world.


All our TESOL courses come with professional tutor support! An experienced and accredited teacher trainer will assist you throughout the program and provide you with extensive feedback on every assignment.


In most countries, the minimum TEFL / TESOL certification requirement is 120 hours. If your goal is to teach English abroad, you can get an entry-level job anywhere in the world with an online TESOL or TEFL course. If you want to teach English in a native-speaking country, you need to complete a 20-hour Practicum module after the online course. The Practicum module is also recommended for certain teach abroad programs in Hong Kong and the Middle East. OnTESOL graduates can complete an optional Practicum module after completing any of our advanced TESOL certificate courses.


You can take the Practicum module anywhere in the world after completing any of our advanced TESOL courses. The Practicum must take place with adult students, as per TESL Canada requirements. Graduates are required to find a qualified supervising teacher and OnTESOL will provide the guidelines after we approve the supervising teacher.


Our graduates are teaching English in the most reputable programs in the world! Their top 10 picks are:

Canada: Language schools and universities.

Hong Kong: Language Schools, NET’s Program, Business English programs.

South Korea: EPIK and private schools.

United Arab Emirates: ADEC, ADVETI, and international schools.

Germany: Language schools and Business English programs.

Japan: JET Programme, Interac, Gaba, Conversational schools.

China: Universities, English First, and other language schools.

Thailand:  Language schools and public schools.

Turkey: Language schools and international schools.

Italy: Business English programs and language schools.

Spain: Business English programs and language schools.


TEFLTESOL, and TESL are acronyms that refer to the same industry. 

TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

TESL: Teaching English as a Second Language.

OnTESOL offers online TEFL / TESOL / TESL certification courses that are valid for teaching jobs abroad, online, and in Canada.

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